Creative Bridal Shower And Bridal Favors Ideas

Published: 23rd November 2011
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Spring is known for it's variety in blossomed colored flowers that begin to grow in yards and around the road sides. There's no doubt in mind - spring is a wonderful time of the year for a bridal shower and wedding! Spring offers a great quantity of beautiful and fresh flowers and variety of multihued flourish.

You can include nature's gift of spring into the theme of your bridal shower and bridal favors. Following are a few suggestions:

Consider a Bridal Shower with a Garden Theme and Bridal Favors

Spring is a wonderful time for a garden themed bridal shower. If you or someone else has a garden or well-manicured backyard, it would be a great place to hold the shower. You can use butterflies, dragonflies or ladybugs in your decoration. Your bridal favors could be miniature honey pots, ladybug magnets or small garden tools. If the bridal shower will be indoors, you can place daisies and tulips in small vases around to give an outdoors feeling.

Feed your guests a buffet of salads, vegetables and fruit.

For a game you could purchase 5- 10 small garden tools. You should write down the price you paid for each. Have the guest try to guess the price of the item. The guest who guess write gets to keep the item.

Use multicolored paper lanterns like yellow, orange, pink, and green and hang them from the ceiling in your home or from a tree if you're having the shower outdoors. Make sure to add a special note thanking your guest for attending. You can also use garden flower seeds like daisies or tulips, or a floral gift box with mints as bridal favors.

Teacups Theme and Bridal Favors

It's Tea Time! Tea definitely represents the Spring. You can pick-up teacups that are decorated with floral scenes, to help bring spring to the minds of the guest. The teacups could also serve as the bridal favors. Decorate the teacups with a small flower, such as a violet.

For a meal you can serve your guests pasta salad, chicken salad sandwiches, or mini-quiches. For beverage, you can offer a mixture of different types of tea.

You can put mints or candy inside of a mini organza bags. Then add them to the teacup for your bridal favors or for sheer decoration. Another idea for Bridal Favors are individual boxes of your favorite tea.

Why not have a Tulips Theme and Bridal Favors?

A Tulip is a flower that definitely represents the Spring. For that reason, having it as your theme and bridal favors would be perfect! Use tulips as your decoration by placing a variety of colored tulips as your centerpieces. You should also be able to find invitations with the tulip theme. Also, it shouldn't be a challenge finding tulips in the spring. Most grocery stores carry them during the season.

You can serve pasta salad, fruit or egg salad sandwiches. Match the plates with the color tulips you decided to go with. You can also put the same picture from the bridal shower invitations on the cake.

Find blank cards shaped in tulips from your local stationary store. Have the guest when they walk in take a card and add words of wisdom. Put them in a floral or tulip decorated box and then hand it to the bride when she's opening gifts.

You can buy a tulip page holder of candle holder shaped like a tulip for the bridal favors. You should be able to find these at a local stationary store or try searching online.

Hope these shower and bridal favors ideas has come as some help to you!

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